Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost



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Date Time Event
Sun, Oct. 08 10:00 AM Holy Eucharist
Sun, Oct. 08 10:00 AM Morning Prayer
Sun, Oct. 08 11:15 AM Fellowship
Sun, Oct. 08 4:30 PM Evensong
Tue, Oct. 10 6:30 PM Vestry Meeting
Wed, Oct. 11 12:00 PM Holy Eucharist
Wed, Oct. 11 6:00 PM Parish House Review
Sun, Oct. 15 10:00 AM Holy Eucharist
Sun, Oct. 15 11:15 AM Fellowship
Sun, Oct. 15 1:00 PM Thomas Merton Society
Wed, Oct. 18 12:00 PM Holy Eucharist
Sun, Oct. 22 10:00 AM Holy Eucharist
Sun, Oct. 22 11:15 AM Fellowship


Other Upcoming Events

Oct. 9               Deadline for Rummage Sale drop-offs

Oct. 13-14       Fall Rummage and Bake Sale

Oct. 29             Fifth Sunday Dinner

Nov. 5              Evensong


We need volunteers to provide flowers and treats for Sundays. Sign up for one or both and provide a feast upstairs for eyes and downstairs for mouths.

Please buy SCRIP. You can use it for so many ordinary, daily purchases: food, gasoline, household needs, and from most of your favorite stores. Come visit Kathe Richardson at the SCRIP desk in the Undercroft after church. Find out what is available, and what she doesn’t have on hand, Kathe will be glad to order.


Thank You

Many thanks to Dave Vanderah for leading Morning Prayer last week and to all the lectors, ushers, acolytes, chalice bearers, and all others who serve in our worship every week.



Altar Flowers

The flowers for the altar are from Janet and Corky Vance Sr. for St. John’s children, and all beautiful children they have.





Parish House Presentation

The Parish House Review Group will be presenting their findings on Wednesday, Oct 11 at 6 pm in the Parish House.  Please plan to attend to learn about the research they have compiled regarding the Parish House. If you would like a ride to meeting or if you are unable to attend and would like a copy of the report sent to you, please contact the church office at 556-0252 or office@stjohnsdbq.org.


Gift for Katrina

In gratitude for Katrina’s years of service to St. John’s, the Vestry invites you to contribute toward a housewarming gift for her as she settles in her new home.   If parishioners wish to contribute, they may put a designated donation in the collection plate or drop off or mail the donation to the church office.  If you have questions, please check with Jeannie Sims.



St. John’s Rummage and Bake Sale

St. John’s Rummage and Bake Sale is coming up quickly. Hours are Friday Oct. 13, 8 am-2 pm, and Saturday Oct. 14, 8 am-noon. Please plan to make some yummy bake sale items for the event. We need them, and they always sell well! They can be dropped off on Thursday Oct. 12, 9:30-11:30 at the office or from 4-6 downstairs at the parish house. We can always use extra help during the sale and with clean up when the sale ends on Saturday. If you cannot help, we hope you will still plan to come and shop. You will find some great bargains! If you have any questions call Becky Johnson-Stewart at 563-590-0854.


Thomas Merton Society

The Dubuque Chapter  of the Thomas Merton Society will meet Sunday, October 15, 1 pm, in the Parish House. They will be discussing Merton’s New Seeds of Contemplation.  Books are available at Amazon and other sites.  Please read through Chapter 7, “Union and Division.”  All area invited. Bring a friend also.  Blessings, Marilyn


Fellowship Opportunity

We are searching for someone to take the lead on fellowship events. This person would build a small team of people to organize and execute fellowship events at St. John’s. Examples might be Dinner on Main, Going to a play together, Saturday morning educational sessions, etc. We all enjoy these events and it brings us together. Are you interested in being part of the planning? Please let Beth Leeper or Dave Vanderah know if you are interested.



Younkers Community Days

Younkers Community Days Fundraiser is happening now! You either have or will receive a packet with a letter explaining the event and 3 booklets for you to buy or sell. Booklets are only $5.00 each, with the entire $5.00 staying at St. John’s. Inside the booklet you will find a $10.00 coupon, a 30% off coupon, plus many more coupons to use the days of the sale from Nov. 8-11. Our goal is to sell 75 booklets by Nov. 5. If we sell 75 we will receive a portion of the booklet sales from the Younkers store. Last year that amount was $218!

If you do not wish to participate in this fundraiser, please return your booklets as they have to be returned to the store. The Scrip table is the convenient place for buying and or returning booklets. If you have any questions please call Becky Johnson-Stewart at 563.590.0854.


Letter from Bishop Alan Scarfe

October 3, 2017

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

“Nation plunges into familiar nightmare” is the headline of USA Today that greets us thirty-six hours on from the mass shooting in Las Vegas. “Is it terrorism?” the pundits are asked as they scramble to find an underlying explanation. I suppose that would bring some kind of comfort, though there really isn’t any to be found in this situation. Last night people gathered in vigil, and tonight, at 5:30 pm, we will come together locally at the Cathedral Church of St. Paul in Des Moines for a service of lament. Yet even “Oh Lord, how long?” is inadequate as God has already spoken and acted on the issue and we do not like God’s answer.

“Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword.” “Blessed are the peacemakers, for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven.” “Love one another as I have loved you.” “The earth will be filled with the knowledge of God as the waters cover the sea.” “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”

Of course, it is not that simple. Vulnerability is the gift we offer each other in desiring to fulfil the law of Christ “to love one another.” The vision of the children safely playing in the streets and the old folk hanging around for conversation remains the prophet’s dream, and it assumes a form of vulnerability. We believe that God restores us by returning us to an innocence that is child-like. As we pray and lament, we need to ask ourselves what kind of world do we really seek? What satisfies us? When will we decide violence and weapons of violence have no place among us? The children and old folk in the streets surrounded by protective SWAT teams or streets only entered through metal detectors doesn’t quite capture the spirit of the prophecy.

I read that there are about 5 pages of governmental regulations related to safety in ladder use for human protection – even though ladders only kill about 300 Americans a year. Of course we register and have national access to the identity of every automobile because we acknowledge that that is the most lethal machine most of us have at our disposal. We have even recognized the dangers of second hand smoke and have managed to limit a very addictive habit. We are working hard to address a similar epidemic with the use of pain killers. But we cannot manage to name gun use as a human health hazard.

We are simply not healthy enough as a society to be gun happy. And unfortunately we are not happy enough a society to become gun-free. In the meantime, children get hold of them and accidentally kill their siblings; gun access is too easy a temptation for those suffering from suicidal thoughts; too many temperaments are too volatile and readily prone to violent reaction to make a gun too deadly to be at hand; and for some life is too mentally fragile that the available use of a gun as an instrument of mass destruction of human life is a tragedy waiting to happen. If this is not a public health issue, and needs to be treated as such, I am not sure what is.

Are we champions of human liberty? Then let us recognize that the license of some is in fact endangering the liberty of all. And we can alter that differential with sensible gun safety laws that truly protect the rights of everyone not to have to worry about being in a public space. There has to be a tipping point and to that end I pray.

God has spoken. And what God is often willing to do is hear us when we ask to be brought back to our rightful minds. Or, maybe it will be terrorists that in turning our own freedoms against us actually manage to bring us to that point. How much better it would be to find our own resolve for the greater good in handling our guns, as Australia has done, and in one movement decrease the danger we pose to ourselves and close the opening we offer to our serious enemies.

This has to be the will of the whole people, and we who are strengthened by the Spirit of the Prince of Peace can take a lead. Each day in this nation, ninety-two souls who are victims of gun violence and accidents meet God to ask that very question. Their lament is not “How long, Oh Lord?” but joins God’s lament to us “How long, my people, until you see your answer for peacefulness and health is among you all along?”

In the peace and love of Christ,


The Rt. Rev. Alan Scarfe, Bishop of Iowa


Prayer for Discernment to Guide Our Search for a New Rector at St. John’s

Be with us and guide us, Holy Spirit of God, as we seek your will for the future of our parish. Help us to discern the needs and hopes of your people at St. John’s Church, so that our search for a rector may proceed with clear vision and joyful obedience to your call to us. We pray though our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen (From Christ Church, Westerly, RI)


Collect for the Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost (Proper 20)

Grant us, Lord, not to be anxious about earthly things, but to love things heavenly; and even now, while we are placed among things that are passing away, to hold fast to those that shall endure; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.



8 Jordan Weber

11 Steve Van Vleck

14 Amy Roberts



8 William Dwight Porter Bliss, Priest, 1926, and Richard Theodore Ely, Economist, 1943

9 Wilfred Thomason Grenfell, Medical Missionary, 1940

10 Vida Dutton Scudder, Educator and Witness for Peace, 1954

11 Philip, Deacon and Evangelist

14 Samuel Isaac Joseph Schereschewsky, Bishop of Shanghai, 1906

15 Teresa of Avila, Nun, 1582



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