Fifth Sunday after Pentecost



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Date Time Event
Sun, Jun. 24 10:00 AM Holy Eucharist
Sun, Jun. 24 11:15 AM Fellowship
Wed, Jun. 27 11:00 AM Percy Book Study
Wed, Jun. 27 12:10 PM Holy Eucharist
Wed, Jun. 27 6:30 PM Percy Book Study
Sun, Jul. 01 10:00 AM Holy Eucharist
Sun, Jul. 01 11:15 AM Fellowship
Wed, Jul. 04 12:10 PM Holy Eucharist
Thu, Jul. 05 11:30 AM Episcopal Church Women Lunch




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From the Rector

Summer! Often this means trips and times outside. Summer is an opportunity to flex your worship muscles in some different ways. Summer often means you will be somewhere else besides Dubuque on a given Sunday. What should you do for worship? Should you do anything at all? Weekly worship has long been understood as a healthy spiritual practice for church goers, but especially for disciples. How can this practice, even if it is aspirational for you right now, be lived into when on the road? There are two major ways and I commend both to you.

First, worship locally wherever you might be. In most places, churches are readily available or available enough for the person desiring to get there. You can certainly visit the local Episcopal church. You will know the liturgy. You will know the prayers. They will probably be celebrating the Eucharist and you will be able to receive. They will also do some things differently and this may give you some ideas for our own parish to consider. I also encourage you to worship at a Christian Church of a different denomination. As Episcopalians/Anglicans we are part of the world-wide Christian Church. Roman Catholics, Lutherans, Baptists, and so on, are not members of different religions, but members of different denominations of our common Christian faith. They are spiritual family, our sisters and brothers in Christ. Check them out. You will see things you wish we did and you will see things you are glad we do in a different way.

Second, if you legitimately can’t get to a church on a Sunday (you are way out the wilderness camping, for example) or you simply aren’t at the point where you or your family can make that weekly commitment when traveling, then engage in worship on your own or with your family. The Book of Common Prayer offers a simple, one page, outline for “Daily Devotions for Individuals and Families” beginning on page 137. For something fuller and longer, there is the service of Morning Prayer. No matter what Sunday of the year find a way to honor it as the Lord’s Day. I would also encourage you, if you aren’t with us on a Sunday, to pray for St. John’s. Pray for the congregation that has gathered and is praying not only for themselves and the world, but on your behalf and eagerly awaiting your return to our local expression of God’s family table, the main altar in our sanctuary.

In Christ,
Father Kevin+


Percy Book Study

Father Kevin is challenging everyone in the parish to read, “Your Church Can Thrive: Making the Connections That Build Healthy Congregations” by Harold Percy. There will be a discussion of the book on Wednesday, June 27 at 11am and 6:30pm. Please RSVP your intent to attend by contacting Father Kevin or Susan Meyers. You can pick up a copy of the book at the parish office or have one ready for you on Sunday morning by contacting Susan Meyers, Parish Administrator, at 563-556-0252 or

Episcopal Church Women’s July Luncheon 

The women of St John’s meet for lunch each month at an area restaurant.  Together they plan and execute many of the fundraisers and fellowship events in the parish.  All women are invited to attend. In July, the ECW will meet at Tony Roma’s. Please RSVP your intent to attend by contacting Gerri Roth or Susan Meyers, Parish Administrator, at 563-556-0252 or


Bible Study for the Poor People’s Campaign

The Dubuque Area Episcopal Peace and Justice Fellowship will be hosting two Bible Studies for the Poor People’s Campaign. All are welcome.

July 11th  5:30 – 8 Potluck & Bible Study in Parish House

July 29th 1 – 2:30 Bible Study in the Parish House


Neighborhood Cooling Station

We are investigating an idea that was raised at the Parish Retreat to open the Parish House on days of extreme heat as a cooling station for our neighbors.  If you are interested in helping with the planning process of this experiment or if you’d like to volunteer on hot days, please talk with Christine Darr or Haley Lammer-Heindel or email the office at


Collect for the Fifth Sunday after Pentecost (Proper 7)

O Lord, make us have perpetual love and reverence for your holy Name, for you never fail to help and govern those whom you have set upon the sure foundation of your loving­ kindness; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.



  • 23 June Bradfield
  • 23 Debra Davis
  • 23 Benjamin Kettering
  • 25 Naomi Clark
  • 25 Nathan Weber
  • 25 Sam Baur Schoer
  • 25 Susan Decker
  • 26 Sue Shellady
  • 30 Cameron Stewart


  • 22 Oakley & Donna Bandy
  • 25 Paul & Cindy Ernzen
  • 30 Dennis & Debra Hillard

In Memoriam

  • 23 Elizabeth Henker
  • 23 Clyde Dunlap II
  • 29 Oppie Lee McCillan
  • 30 Dorothea Waller