The Third Sunday of Easter




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Date Time Event
Sun, Apr. 15 10:00 AM Holy Eucharist
Sun, Apr. 15 11:15 AM Fellowship
Sun, Apr. 15 1:00 PM Thomas Merton Society
Wed, Apr. 18 12:10 PM Holy Eucharist
Sat, Apr. 21 9:30 AM Training for Worship Assistants
Sun, Apr. 22 10:00 AM Holy Eucharist
Sun, Apr. 22 11:15 AM Fellowship
Wed, Apr. 25 12:10 PM Holy Eucharist
Sun, Apr. 29 10:00 AM Holy Eucharist
Sun, Apr. 29 11:15 AM Fellowship
Sun, Apr. 29 12:00 PM Fifth Sunday Dinner



  • Fr. Kevin will be in the office during the week. The office will be closed Mondays.
  • Don’t forget to buy and use Scrip for everyday purchases. Kathé will be eager to help you at the Scrip table in the Undercroft of the Church.
  • Remember to sign up for altar flowers or treats for the next several Sundays!
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Vestry to be Installed

This Sunday, April 15, our Vestry will be installed during the Eucharist. Please pray for and support our elected leadership council: Kim Miller (Senior Warden), John Stewart (Junior Warden), Pam Van Vleck (Clerk), Bill Richardson (Treasurer), David Kendall, Haley Lammer-Heindel, Christine Darr, David Roberts, Susan Forshey, and Bud Geyer. According to Canon 25 of the Diocese of Iowa, “The Vestry is urged to cooperate with the Rector in promoting the spiritual welfare of the Parish and shall aid the Rector in the initiation, conduct and development of the program of the Church both within and without the Parish.”



Thomas Merton Society

The Dubuque chapter of the Merton Society will meet Sunday, April 15, 1:00 p.m. in the Parish House Library. Discussion on New Seeds of Contemplation, chapters 15-20.

Blessings, Marilyn



Training for Sunday Assistants

Father Kevin has requested that all Worship Assistants meet with him on Saturday morning April 21st at 9:30 am in the church. This will be a time of conversation and training for all groups together. So it will include Ushers, Acolytes, Chalice Bearers, Lectors, and Altar Guild members. Training for children wishing to serve as acolytes will take place at a later time. Please RSVP to Becky Johnson-Stewart or, if you are on Altar Guild, to Vivian Roberts. I hope that everyone will be able to attend! If you cannot make it, please let myself or Father Kevin know

Thank you,

Becky Johnson-Stewart



Fifth Sunday Dinner

Our next 5th Sunday Dinner is on Sunday, April 29. If you’d like to help contact Christine Darr, Derrick Clark, or Haley Lammer-Heindel.  Please bring plastic food containers to church so that we can use them to distribute leftovers. We should have a menu together soon so that it can be distributed to the appropriate places.




From the Rector

Experiments! We are currently in one of the first of many experiments we will try out at St. John’s. Experiments are essential to developing new life, spiritually growing our current people, and reaching new people, and to impacting our wider community in Christ’s name. Our current forgiveness challenge is an experiment in outreach. Our first Sunday saw positive results (first time guests as well as returning folks who came on Easter) and I hope you will join us this Sunday for “Forgiving Others” and invite someone to join you. One of the essential things that go along with experiments is reviewing them. Your feedback about how we can better improve our future sermon series outreaches are most welcome and needed. Don’t forget, if you have a forgiveness issue with yourself, with others, or with God use the fifty days of the Easter season to move toward forgiveness.

In Christ,

Father Kevin+


50 Days of Forgiveness Challenge: Take the Challenge

We will be challenging everyone in Dubuque to move toward forgiveness in their life during the fifty days of Easter. To help we’ll be offering a public sermon series on forgiveness.

April 15:    Forgiving Yourself
April 22:    Forgiving God

 We need your help to get the word out. You can do that by:

  1. Praying for the series. That it will impact people’s lives.
  2. Praying for individuals who can invite to join you for the series.
  3. Printing out the attached poster and hanging it up your workplace and various public places you are aware of.
  4. With God’s help, getting the courage to actually invite the people for whom you’ve been praying.

Serving in Christ’s name with you,

Father Kevin +



Long-Time Members Gathering

Have you been attending or a member of St. John’s for 50 years or more? Father Kevin is inviting you to a special gathering in the church, to a time of sharing and conversation about memories of St. John’s over the years. The date will be a Wednesday in April at 1:30 pm. Please RSVP your intention of attending this gathering by contacting Janet Vance.



The St. John’s Spring Rummage and Bake Sale

Set aside May 18 & 19: It’s time to start getting out those items you have tucked away to donate. Rummage items can be dropped off at St. John’s Parish House any Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday morning between 9 am and noon. Or you can call Becky at 563-590-0854 to arrange a time for a drop off. Please remember: we cannot take TVs or large appliances.

St. John’s is known for the delicious baked goods so many of you bake. They also can be dropped off during office hours the week of the sale or on Thursday May 17th between 4-6pm. You can also bring baked goods the morning of the sale.

Together we can make this another successful fundraiser for St. John’s!



Register now for Summer Ministry School and Retreat

Register before May 15, 2018 to SAVE $25.00!

Check out all the information about the tracks being offered this year HERE.

Download and print:
2018 Informational Booklet        Printable registration form        Or Register ONLINE



From the Bishop

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

On April 5th, we celebrated fifteen years together as Bishop and People of the Diocese of Iowa. I am so grateful to God and to you that we find ourselves in full stride with Growing Iowa Leaders and anticipating what it will mean to Engage All Disciples in the coming year. The consultations that Lydia Bucklin and I have been organizing around the Diocese are very energetic, honest, creative and inspiring conversations. We all truly want to seek God to grow this Church —and not just for survival sake—but that generations to come can connect with the Loving God we know and serve. We are bothered by the reports that that connection is waning, or at least the desire for that connection is diminishing.

As I sat in the Cathedral on Saturday night during the Easter Vigil, I imagined the centuries of generations who have heard the readings we were hearing. The darkness lit by the smaller candles and centered in the larger flame of the Paschal candle gave off an air of intimacy, mystery and secrecy. That the resurrection Gospel came from Mark’s account only enhanced the latter. After all he produced the all-time Easter cliff-hanger, “for they were afraid” or rather “they were afraid, for….” I encouraged the participants sitting with me in the shadows to be “afraid, be very afraid.” For God who can raise from the dead was at large—and things which were cast down, were being lifted up, and things which had grown old were becoming new.

In the Roman times, many who at the Easter vigil joined that flow of humanity through the waters of baptism were signing potentially their own death warrant. Persecution could break out at any time, and so they would give thanks for each day that ended in peace, and for each night that had been passed in safety. It has been the same for Christian folk down the years. And, yes, we have global companions who sharing in the Easter joys this year, know that they gather under uncertain circumstances. Their faith in God who raises from the dead and promises eternal life is really life-giving and liberating (to use one of our Presiding Bishop’s signature phrases).

The crowd on Easter Day at the cathedral was large as usual. Yet this year, more than I had noticed at other times, there seemed to be more new seekers – young professionals who lived downtown, and gay couples no longer afraid to be themselves before the God who loves them and Whom they love, and some who may have wandered away from Church for a while, yet were finding the strength, grace and curiosity not to let the importance of this day pass them by.

If my hunch is right, I would say it is because of what you as Church are saying in the consultations as we prepare for each Growing Iowa Leaders day. You are saying “we want to know how to tell God’s story and that of our faith; we want to understand the newly maturing generations raised in the digital age; we want to use our time and space differently; we want to become more than an institution and a true serving, loving community present for others; we want to be beacons for justice and racial and economic equality; we want to spice up our liturgy and music; we want to learn how to experiment with small groups and house churches; we want to be followers of Jesus, known for our love of our fellow human beings; we want to become active listeners to those who find it hard to connect with the Church, and in turn we want to know how to welcome, invite and connect; we want to reimagine our buildings and strategize our finances.” In other words, “we want to make a difference as we move forward.”

If together it has taken us fifteen years to reach these very yearnings, then it has been time well spent. And as we seek to find suitable presenters to lead the Growing Iowa Leader days in your congregations, in response to your wishes, we are finding that our collective questions are indeed questions being explored by others all across the Christian Church. Praise be to God that we are tuning in to a conversation that, by the grace of God, the Spirit is having with us all.

In the peace and love of Christ,


The Rt. Rev. Alan Scarfe

Bishop of Iowa


Collect for the Third Sunday of Easter

O God, whose blessed Son made himself known to his disciples in the breaking of bread: Open the eyes of our faith, that we may behold him in all his redeeming work; who lives and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.



  • 15 Brian Rogan
  • 17 Dennis Hillard
  • 21 Jenny Kettering



  • 19 Gene & Nancy Duwe


In Memoriam

  • 15 Arthur Hoover
  • 15 Dorothy Hibbard
  • 15 Idella Langanis
  • 19 Cyril McLaughlin
  • 20 Richard DeWitt Waller



  • 15 Damien, Priest and Leper, 1889, and Marianne, Religious, 1918, of Molokai
  • 16 Mary (Molly) Brant (Konwatsijayenni), Witness to the Faith among the Mohawks, 1796
  • 17 Emily Cooper, Deaconess
  • 19 Alphege, Archbishop of Canterbury, and Martyr, 1012
  • 21 Anselm, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1109
  • 22 John Muir, Naturalist and Writer, 1914, and Hudson Stuck, Priest and
    Environmentalist, 1920