Fall Sermon Series

Basic Christianity for Imperfect People

Sundays at 10 am


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Series Overview

Is this all there is?

Join us as we explore a basic introduction to Christianity for the 21st century. This will be a good refresher for some and new perspectives for others. Come with an open heart, come with an open mind. This series is directed toward the joys and challenges of daily life.

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September 11

Why religion is not just about Sundays

What’s the deal with religion? Isn’t it a relic of the past or something for an occasional Sunday? Explore why religion and specifically Christianity has far more to offer than just a bit of advice and some ritual but how faith offers a way to live a life that goes beyond the daily grind.

September 18

Why God is not an Old Man in the Sky

God. The great mystery. For centuries, Philosophers, poets, and everyday people have sought to experience God, to make sense of the divine, and to be in relationship to the Almighty. Is God best thought of as an old man in the sky? Are there other ways to know and relate to God?

September 25

Why Jesus is not Just a Nice Guy

Jesus is a popular guy. Every cause, political or ideological, wants Jesus on their side. Why? What’s the big deal? There have been lots of great spiritual teachers over the centuries to the present day. What does Jesus offer beside niceness and some basic ethics to people today?

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Due to the theft of our air conditioner copper piping and significant damage to the unit, we are currently worshiping in our Parish House until repairs are completed.

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The Reverend Dr. Kevin Goodrich, O.P.

The Rev. Dr. Kevin Goodrich, O.P., is the pastor of St. John’s Episcopal Church. He’s known for his sense of humor, engaging preaching style, and ability to relate spiritual concepts to the challenges of everyday life.

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