Our Sunday service lasts around an hour. Beforehand people tend to be quietly reflecting or chatting. Do what is comfortable for you.

Closer to the beginning of the service, the organ will play some music. At 10 am a welcome is given.

The service features a combination of written prayers, congregational singing, readings from the Bible, a sermon/message, as well as the weekly celebration of Communion (also called Eucharist or Mass).

Overall, we take a reverent, but relaxed approach to worship. Afterwards, all are invited to coffee hour downstairs.

At St. John’s

Doubts are ok,

questions are welcome,

please, come as you are.


What should I wear?

Dress for comfort. People at St. John’s dress informally, but in addition to jeans and “business casual” you’ll sometimes see dresses, jackets, and occasionally, ties.  Again, come as you are.

Where can I park?

You can park at the Parish House parking lot (1458 Locust Street). It’s a short walk from there to the Main Church (1410 Main Street). There are also parking spots on the street in front of the Main Church (including handicap spaces).  

How early should I arrive?

That’s up to you, but we encourage you to arrive at least five minutes before. People tend to show up closer to 10 am (and during the school year, some of us are downstairs for Sunday School or Adult Education beforehand). If you are running late, it’s ok. Just enter quietly.

Which door should I use to go into the church?

Any of them! The red doors on Loras and Main are all open on Sunday mornings.

What about handicap or mobility access?

There is a handicap entrance on the back side of the church. We also have an elevator.

As a first-time guest will I be singled out?

No! You won’t be made to stand up, publicly introduce yourself, or wear a name badge. We have a reputation as a friendly group, so expect to be welcomed, but not overwhelmed.

I’m not an Episcopalian, can I receive Holy Communion?

Yes! All baptized Christians, from any denomination, are welcome to receive Holy Communion. You don’t have to be an Episcopalian to participate in almost anything we do as a congregation. Some join us and eventually become Episcopalian, others remain Catholic or Lutheran or whatever, while regularly participating in our life together. Again, come as you are.

I’ve got doubts about God and Christianity, can I still come?

Absolutely! That’s why we exist to help people explore their faith, ask questions, and wrestle with doubts. In fact, you’ll find you won’t be alone in your questions, as many of us have been wrestling with them for years.

What about my kids?

September thru May we offer Sunday School at 9:00 am. Most of our young families believe it’s important for their children to be with them during the service (nursery care is also available). We aren’t bothered by children being children, their movements, noises, and occasional comments add life to our services.

What about people who have gone through a divorce or LGBTQ persons?

St. John’s welcomes all baptized Christians to receive Holy Communion, regardless of marital status. St. John’s welcomes LGBTQ persons fully into our life, including marriage. The Episcopal Church ordains women and men as priests. It also allows re-marriage of divorced persons.

Parish House Parking Lot

All Are Welcome

Kids Add Life To Our Services