Our rule of life

The word “rule” here comes from the Latin word, “regula” meaning rhythm or routine. A rule of life is a shared routine of spiritual practices. At St. John’s, we celebrate the fact that these practices have been essential marks of the Christian life for centuries.  

We invite you to explore our seven shared spiritual practices.

1. Worship weekly 


The heart of our life together is at the altar, being gathered as a spiritual family at God’s table.

2. Pray daily


Striving for a daily time of prayer, as well as praying throughout the day as needed.

3. Serve at st. john’s and Beyond


All the baptized are ministers, our lives of service should happen within and beyond the church.

At St. John’s our members serve on a variety of teams at the parish as well as throughout the community.  All members of the parish are encouraged to join a team that interests them.

4. Love Others and Build Spiritual Friendships


Love is a practice. It takes grace and effort. It invites us to friendships that include faith.

5. Know the Christian Story and Invite Others


Learning God’s story in Scripture, history, and our own lives, inviting others into these stories.



Giving of our time, talent, and treasure, managing all we have in a way that blesses others.

7. Rest Regularly


Renewing ourselves through rest and recreation, re-engaging with faith, family, and friends.