Kindness is Powerful.

Kindness transforms Lives.

St. John’s challenged everyone in the Dubuque area to practice intentional acts of kindness for the month of September 2021. We continue to promote kindness as a church, especially during our Kindness Weekends held throughout the year.

Kindness transforms lives

Kindness Campaign 2021

How did the campaign start?

It began in 2020, when a group of new and longtime St. John’s attenders got together to brainstorm ideas for a grant offered by The Episcopal Church. One young adult suggested we do something with kindness. The rest as they say is history! The events leading up to the September 2021 campaign were preceded by a lot of hard, creative, and behind the scenes work done by a multi-generational Kindness Campaign steering group.

What happened during the campaign?

A lot! We can only include a few things here. Kindness crews went out into the community to pick up trash, to give away free gift cards, to visit care home residents, and to challenge others to practice intentional acts of kindness. Individuals from St. John’s and in the wider community went out of their way to help others.

We have many stories! For example, one of our kindness crews went out to visit our first responders to thank them for their service and to give them something yummy to eat. A fireman shared, just as one of our kindness crews showed up, that he had just heard about the kindness campaign on the radio. Talk about good timing!

Our city’s bus line, “The Jewel” displayed Kindness posters, as did many other locations, physical and digital.  The City Council voted to endorse and the Mayor of Dubuque proclaimed September as Kindness Month. The Telegraph Herald ran a major article about the Kindness Campaign, in addition to an op-ed on Kindness by the chair of our Kindness Campaign.

How can you be part of the kindness movement?

It’s pretty simple to start, practice intentional acts of kindness! Click here for some ideas that we shared during the campaign in a calendar format. You can encourage your own church to host a kindness campaign in your community. We know of a church in Florida that did this because they were inspired by hearing about our Kindness Campaign on social media.

spreading kindness together


St. John’s would like to thank the following sponsors who committed to the St. John’s Community Kindness Campaign.


The Episcopal Church for awarding an Evangelism Grant to St. John’s to help us to sponsor acts of kindness and spread the kindness message.

St. Mark Youth Enrichment for partnering with us for a Kindness Art Initiative with children.

University of Dubuque Wendt Scholars Program for volunteering your time and talents to #SpreadKindnessDbq.

Telegraph Herald for helping to share the message of the Kindness Campaign.

Spread kindness: St. John’s Episcopal bringing altruism to community with campaign

Stewart: Make a difference in our community by spreading kindness

City Council of Dubuque, Iowa who will proclaim the month of September as St. John’s Community Kindness month at their September 7 meeting. Watch the proclamation on their Facebook page.

Singer-Songwriter Kate Meyrick for composing an inspiring song for the St. John’s Community Kindness Campaign.

Dubuque Regional Humane Society for their ongoing kindness to animals as well as the time and talent of their staff and volunteers in helping to spread kindness in our community.

Charlotte’s Coffee House for their donation of coffee to be given as intentional acts of kindness throughout our community.

The Jule for displaying Spread Kindness posters in Dubuque buses.

Happy Joe’s Pizza and Ice Cream for their donation of free pizza and pop certificates to be given as intentional acts of kindness throughout our community.


Here’s how you, your business, or your church can get involved now:

  • Sponsor an organized Act of Kindness in September. We can help you do that.
  • Donate to sponsor our ongoing work of promoting Kindness in Dubuque and beyond. Click here to contribute online.


deepen your understanding

The Power of Kindness

sermon series

We hosted a three-part series of inspiring messages during our September Campaign. You can listen to them now.

September 12

The Power of Kind Words

Words are powerful, but a kind word given at the right moment can transform a life. We live in age of an avalanche of words. Words on our screens. Words in our ears. So many of these words are not spoken in kindness. Be encouraged and inspired to change the tenor of our personal and societal conversations.

September 19

The Power of Kind Deeds

Words have power, but words are not enough, words must lead to deeds. Words however sincere and necessary can ring hollow without accompanying action. Deeds can bring people together in compassion. Be encouraged and inspired to surprise people with hope through acts of kindness.

September 26

The Power of Kind Hearts

Words and deeds flow from our hearts, so sometimes we have to look within. Kindness takes courage. Kindness takes determination. Kindness takes a heart that is open to the suffering and needs of others. Be encouraged and inspired to have a heart that more naturally moves toward kindness.

Series introduction by our pastor, Fr. Goodrich.

The Power of Kindness

At st. john’s

Doubts are ok,
questions are welcome,
please, come as you are.

The Reverend Dr. Kevin Goodrich, O.P.

The Rev. Dr. Kevin Goodrich, O.P., is the pastor of St. John’s Episcopal Church. He’s known for his sense of humor, engaging preaching style, and ability to relate spiritual concepts to the challenges of everyday life.

While you wait for our service this Sunday, check out a couple of sermons that can help you right now.


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