A special sermon series beginning April 16

Series Overview

Isn’t it time you experienced the freedom of forgiveness?

The most important things in life are relationships, with others, and ourselves.  A lack of forgiveness can rob us of inner peace, as well as rob of us good connections with the most important people in our lives.  Forgiveness has the power to change all that.

Find community, encouragement, and practical help for dealing with one of the most common issues that men and women of all ages and stages face: the challenge of working through a forgiveness issue.

 9am: Historical Architectural Tours

10am: Worship Service with Sermon Series

11am: Complimentary Meal 

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April 9


For over 2000 years, through the highs and lows of history, Christians have gathered to celebrate this high festival of the Christian year. Join us and others for a message of hope.

April 16

Forgiving Others

How do you forgive someone who really hurt you? What do you do with those nagging feelings? How do you get out of the cycle of ruminating over past hurts and move on with your life?

April 23

Forgiving Yourself

For some of us, forgiving others while challenging is not as difficult as forgiving ourselves. We can let other people off the hook, but we struggle with forgiving ourselves.

april 30

Forgiving God

What if God let you down? What do you do then? What if you feel that something happened in your life and it prevents you from approaching God as a source of help and healing?

At st. john’s

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For those unable to attend in person, please use the Zoom link below to watch the service online.

Sunday Morning - 10am Holy Eucharist (Mass)

1410 Main Street, Dubuque

Wednesday Service - 12:10pm Holy Eucharist (Mass)

Parish House/Community Center Chapel, 1458 Locust Street

The Reverend Dr. Kevin Goodrich, O.P.

The Rev. Dr. Kevin Goodrich, O.P., is the pastor of St. John’s Episcopal Church. He’s known for his sense of humor, engaging preaching style, and ability to relate spiritual concepts to the challenges of everyday life.

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